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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian Symbols & Logos > Nigerian National Symbols, Signs and Logos

    Nigerian National Symbols, Signs and Logos

    Nigerian National Symbols of Unity

    Nigerian national symbols, signs and logos are important emblems that Nigerians all over the world must be familiar with.

    What are the national symbols?

    Nigerian national symbols are signs and logos of Federal Government of Nigeria, National Assembly, Central Bank of Nigeria, all federal ministries, agencies and parastatal. These logos are Nigerian symbols of national unity.

    They are as follows:

    Nigeria Coat of Arms

    Nigerian Coat of ArmThis is Nigeria number one symbol of national unity. It is found as part of every other national symbols, signs and logos.

    The top of the coat of rams is an eagle, red in colour, depicting Nigeria’s strength. The eagle is mounted on a wreath which is rendered in the national colours.

    The eagle and the wreath rest on a shield. The black shield signifies the fortuitous qualities of the land in agriculture, mineral and solid resources. The Y” shape represents Benue and Niger rivers.

    Two white horses support the shield on either side stand for dignity. The base upon which the shield rests is Coctus spectabilis, a wild flower that grows in many parts of the country.

    Underneath all of these is the motto of the country which reads: “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.”

    Nigerian Presidential Seal

    Nigerian Presidential Seal

    The Nigerian Presidential seal is the official symbol of the president of Nigeria. The authorized logo was adopted by President Shehu Shagari in 1979 in second republic. The symbol was abandoned by military government from 1983 to 1999 when the emblem was re-adopted by civilian rule in this fourth republic.

    Uses of the seal of the President of Nigeria

    • It is appended on every document issued by the office of the president.
    • It is fixed on all presidential vehicle.
    • It is the symbol on the lecterns – reading stands of the president while delivering speeches.

    Nigerian National Assembly Symbol and Logo

    Nigerian National Assembly logoThe Nigerian National Assembly logo is used on document of the house of senate. Like that of the presidential seal, it is also used on the speech lecterns and vehicles of  Senate President.


    Nigerian National Assembly Symbol Mace

    The National Assembly Symbol called Mace is different from the logo. The mace is a very powerful cipher that must be present in the for the legislatures’ proceeding to be valid.

    The mace is the Symbol Of Authority In National and State Houses Of Assembly in Nigeria. ​On entering and leaving the house, the Speaker is preceded by the Mace, which is carried by the Serjeant-at-arms on his right shoulder.

    When the house is on session, the mace, must be on the table of the clerk of the house, resting on a bracket. The mace is also taken along with the Speaker of the house to wherever on official duty.

    Nigerian House of Representative Logo

    Nigerian House of Representative LogoThe Nigerian House of Representative logo is used on document of the house of rep. Like that of the presidential seal and senate, it is also used on the speech lecterns and vehicles of  the speaker of the house.


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