It's Monday, June 17, 2019 - 7:55 AM in Nigeria.

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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > All about Nigeria > Live and Work Abroad, Nigerians Beware, See Video of brutal treatment of African migrants in Asia

    Live and Work Abroad, Nigerians Beware, See Video of brutal treatment of African migrants in Asia

    When you see an advert like this:

    O YOU WANT TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN Dubai, Saudi, China, USA Canada, AUSTRALIA and UK, here is an opportunities for you!
    Contact: 00880099937772
    We offer Work permit and also a suitable accommodation will be provided to our applicants by the company, whiles you work for only 9 hours per day and get paid $40 to $45 per hour.
    All your papers will be ready within a month.
    No down payment!

    Application for living and working in Dubai, Canada, China, USA and other juicy countries of the world with mushroom traveling agencies might be the end of your dream if not the end of your life.

    See video of one of the inhuman treatments of Nigerians and Africans in the so called greener pastures. They are killing our sisters and brothers and trading their heart, liver, kidney and other body organs.

    There are some fake and mushroom agencies from China, Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia currently opened in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries, promising you ready jobs like house-keeping, baby-minding and so on.

    However, on arrival, they turn the migrant to evil treatment.

    In this video, the pretty lady was ask to hold a long (about 6 inch) nail erecting on her head and a very heavy metal bar is needed to drive the nail into her skull. They do this to make her unconscious but still alive. This is because the kidney, liver, heart and other organs needed must be removed while their victims are still alive. The removed kidneys, Hearts, Livers and other vital body organs are traded for money to those who need them for medical organ transplant.

    Most of the mushroom traveling agencies you are seeing around are agents of the wicked gangs. Though some of these Nigerian traveling agents are not aware of what the people they are working for at the other sides of the world are doing with their clients.

    Some of these agents lie, promising their applicants juicy countries like America, Canada but they traffic them to Dubai, Cairo, Libya, Egypt, China, Lebanon, Italy, South America and other part of Asia. They prepare traveling documents and everything without any down payment just to entice as many as possible.

    The accompanying video was secretly recorded by a passer-by. The video says it all. The life you save by circulating this might be your very relative’s. Please share!!!

    What is your advice to fellow Nigerians about seeking greener pasture about anyhow and at any cost? Please do so in the “Please Leave a Comment” below. Thanks

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