It's Monday, June 17, 2019 - 7:55 AM in Nigeria.

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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigeria World > See Libya, See Spain – The Risky Adventure of Nigerian Desert Voyagers to Europe

    See Libya, See Spain – The Risky Adventure of Nigerian Desert Voyagers to Europe

    Nigerians suffering in Libya

    This is the voice of one of the Nigerian survivors of killing of black migrants in Libya.

    The message is in Yoruba language and we have translated it to English language for the benefit of those who don’t understand Yoruba language.

    Good day my fellow Nigerians. Who ever see this image should please share it until it gets to the hand of people in authority.

    There is something gruesome happening in Libya right now. The Libyan police are killing black men and are bent on exterminating all black migrants.

    As you are seeing the men (majorly Nigerians) on queue in the image, the Libyan are taking them away to kill them, saying they don’t want to see any black-skinned men in Libya anymore.

    Because of this, all Nigerians and other black Africans seeing this image and hearing this sound should please share it with the people and be praying for all our trapped adventurous Nigerians in Libya and Morocco who haven’t been killed yet. Especially if you have a relative who told you have gone abroad and you haven’t hear from him for long, he might be one of these.

    The house you’re seeing in the image is built by Nigerians. At evening, the Nigerians retire from the day hassles into this building. And the Libya police come unexpectedly, pack as many as possible and take them away not for deportation but for extermination. This is done without any reason. We do challenge them (the Libyan Police) on this but all their response is “We don’t want black men in Libya anymore.”

    The saying of some people at home:

    “See Libya, See Spain”.

    Eh, forget that! It is not easy, not at all, is not easy.

    The number of lives that are getting lost daily in the sea is very great. That is even better, drowning in the sea. The worse is not having the chance of making it to the Mediterranean Sea, when Libya Police will come, arrest the migrants and spray them with bullets without any reason.

    Because of this Nigerians, forget about “See Libya, See Spain” and step up your struggle for survival where fate has put you in Nigeria. Be prayerful and diligent and mercy of God will locate you.

    May Almighty God humble those who are saying Nigeria will not be good! Because this spread this until it get to the hand of people in authority. Nigeria government need to take drastic step in bring back her citizens who are trapped in Libya. Delay is dangerous, they are killing them in numbers day by day.

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