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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian Survivalist > Personal Security and Safety Hints for Nigerians

    Personal Security and Safety Hints for Nigerians

    nigerian personal safety

    Important security hints to note by Nigerians to prevent any breach of security:

    1. Have adequate security awareness as well as habitual practice of hints learnt.
    2. Often take note of security drills and procedures.
    3. Do not join any security cult or criminal syndicate.
    4. Abstain from ostentatious lifestyle and avoid going to particular places at given times and days or following the route every time.
    5. Avoid such human weakness such as drunkenness, flippancy, sexual promiscuity, drug addiction and gambling.
    6. Avoid lonely routes and do not disclose schedules to strangers and others you may have reasons to doubt.
    7. Avoid leaving bags or money lying around in your car, home or office.
    8. Make sure you lock all your car’s doors during journey, no matter how long or short.
    9. Take note and monitor strange faces in your neighborhood.
    10. When you are driving, be observant and conscious of being followed; especially when the same car or bike is noticeable behind you through various traffic route.
    11. Avoid wearing provocative dresses in religiously conservative areas. For instance, modes of dressing that are seeing as normal in Lagos, Port Harcourt may be frown at in places like Sokoto, Zamfara, …
    12. Avoid carrying black nylon bags or big brown envelopes, it may attract criminals.
    13. Be polite in dealing with members of the public.

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