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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian Survivalist > Nigerian Kidnapping: How to keep kidnappers from coming close to you and your family

    Nigerian Kidnapping: How to keep kidnappers from coming close to you and your family

    FamilyKidnapping in Nigeria has become one of the most lucrative venture Nigerian criminals are engaging in.

    Day by day, we hear of Nigerians young and old been abducted by unscrupulous career criminals who demand millions of Naira as ransom for the release of their victims.

    This illegal business of seizing people, detaining them and taking huge amount of money for their release is booming in Nigeria because of the ineffectiveness of Nigeria Police Force.

    The illicit activity which started early 2000 has produced a billionaire kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike (a.k.a Evans).

    Evans has been arrested and he is helping the police in bursting the operation network of ruthless abductors in Nigeria.

    Unlike ritual-killing and cannibalistic kidnappers who abduct their victims at random, ransom-taking kidnappers plan and make good findings about their targets, making sure that their victims and their relatives are rich enough to be able to pay whatever ransom they ask for.

    Ransom-taking kidnappers make their findings about their targets both online at social media like Facebook and offline.

    The following are the ways to keep Nigerian kidnappers at bay:


    1. If you’re working in a high-paying firm, don’t put your company sticker or logo on your vehicle.
    2. Don’t show off your riches in public places like churches, mosques and at launchings. Always make your donation anonymous.
    3. At parties, don’t spray money. If you have that habit, please stop it.
    4. If it happens that you have to withdraw huge amount of money at ATM, don’t do it at just a place. Do the withdrawal bit by bit from several ATMs at different machine locations. Do this because you don’t know who is queuing after you.
    5. If you have several bank accounts at different banks with several ATM cards, carry one card at a time.
    6. Always delete your bank credit/debit alerts from your mobile phone.


    1. If you’re working in a high-paying firm, don’t include your company name and position on your Facebook profile.
    2. Remove your family picture from your Facebook albulm.
    3. If you have rich and popular relatives, remove them from the “Relation” section of your Facebook “About Page”. Better still, make your this and other aspect of your “About Page” private.
    4. Stop sharing day to day information about yourself and family on Facebook. For instance; “Thank God, I just landed at Ikeja Airport with my family from Sun City, South Africa”.
    5. If your children are attending expensive school, don’t make it known to the people on the Facebook.
    6. Don’t accept friend requests from someone you do not know very well.
    7. If you have to give your home address or phone number to your friends on Facebook, share it with them via private message/chat. Don’t put on your “Wall” or on theirs and not even in comments of posts. The world world will see it there.

    I hope with prayer to God and carefulness, you and I will continue to survive the wicked adventure of kidnappers in Nigerian.

    If you have other ways in addition to the ones given in this post, please share them with Nigerians in the comment below.

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