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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian Survivalist > Family and Home/Residential Security Tips for Nigerians

    Family and Home/Residential Security Tips for Nigerians

    safety lock

    1. Always educate your family members on security hints.
    2.  Let your family members know about emerging threats against health as well as new crime trends.
    3. Dangerous objects should be kept away from children.
    4. Make sure you scrutinize and re-vet your domestic staffs like driver, gardener and cook through the service of the State Security Service (SSS), Nigeria Security abd Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and other relevant Security Agencies.
    5. Always make sure you switch off your electrical appliances before going to bed or when going out to avoid fire out break.
    6. Have security alarm fixed to your house doors and windows.
    7. Have places like kitchen in your house fixed with fire alarm.
    8. Close and lock all windows and doors, garages and gates properly. Check and re-check to ensure your home is secured before leaving.
    9. Make sure you always switch on the outside lights of your house, replace burnt-out light bulbs.
    10. While you are away, ask a friend or neighbor to help check your house and compound periodically.
    11. Make sure you lock all jewellery, important document, currency and other valuable in a safe place.
    12. Make sure all doors and gate have quality locks and that they are locked at bedtime and when away.
    13. Make sure all door are locked even when you are at home with your family members.
    14. Do not hide your house keys around your premises.
    15. Have a peephole on your house’s door and gate to check who is outside before allowing any visitor in.
    16. Make sure your power generator is kept in a well locked house.
    17. While using your power generator at night and it goes off when you don’t expect it to, never rush out of the house. Watch very well and be sure there is/are no strange movement. Criminals are using this method to lure people out of their houses. Robbers first survey an area with blackout at night and look for houses with generators on. Once they gain access into the compounds, they go straight to the generator and switch it off. This will make the occupants of the house to open their doors to see what have happened to the gen. And that is all the criminals need.
    18. Always ensure that you have flash light (touch light) at places that can be reached easily.
    19. Have fire extinguishers in your house, especially in the kitchen and teach your household how to use them.
    20.  Check and switch on burglar or intrusion alarms at all times.
    21. Make the windows of bedrooms in your house emergency exits; do not cover them with permanent iron frameworks but let the burglar-proofs be designed in such a way that can be opened and used in case of fire outbreak or other life-threatening incident.
    22. Use clear glass window to observe a person from a distance.
    23. Report any unusual activity or movement to the nearest police station.
    24. Know where all the family memebers are at all times.
    25. Avoid predictable patterns and vary your daily routine.
    26. Practise safety drills with your family and teach them the procedures to escape danger and get help where necessary.
    27. Identify visitors properly before opening the gate or door for them.
    28. Whenever you are driving home, always look behind you and be sure no one is trailing you.
    29. As you are approaching your vicinity, look around and be sure no one is hanging around. If you see any strange person, don’t go straight to your house but inform the police or vigilante men immediately and be sure of the mission of the strange men. They might be lying in wait for you.
    30. If you can afford the cost of surveillance devices, install CCTV camera in your compound.
    31. When a neighbour knocks on your door at odd hours, be careful as criminals can use them to gain access to your home.
    32. If you can afford it, employ a guard to mount your house gate. Make sure the guard is well scrutinized by police and security agents.
    33. Do not be keeping late nights and discourage your household from the same.

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