It's Friday, February 21, 2020 - 2:55 PM in Nigeria.

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  • Articles in "Nigerian Survivalist" Category in Nigeria World Today

    safe leader mentor

    10 signs of a safe Nigerian group and leader.

    For you not to get trapped by unscrupulous groups and individual in our Nigeria society, here are the signs you must look out for in order to be sure that the person or group you are relating with is safe.

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    10 warning signs about people involved in/with a potentially unsafe Nigerian group.

    Unsafe groups and clubs are every where in our socienty. Here are the 10 signs you must look for in an individual to adjudge him or her safe to relate with.

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    cult group

    10 warning signs of a potentially unsafe Nigerian group.

    In the era where our society is enveloped with different occult (cult) groups. Here are 10 warning signs to identify if a group and its leader are safe.

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    Nigerian Woman in Italy

    Too Many Migrants Raped, Shot in Libya, Says Nigerian Survivor

    With very few number of Nigerians and other Africans making their way to Europe through Libya, this Nigerian survivor says “Too Many Migrants Raped, Shot in Libya”

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    safety lock

    Family and Home/Residential Security Tips for Nigerians

    Great security tips for you and your family. The best security guard you can get is yourself. Be security conscious

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    nigerian personal safety

    Personal Security and Safety Hints for Nigerians

    The best security guard you can have is yourself. Learn personal security tips and be more vigilant. Always be safety conscious.

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    ritual killing

    The activities of ritual-killing and cannibalistic kidnappers in Nigeria

    Nigerian ritual killers abduct their victims at random. The following are the strategies ritual-killing kidnappers are using to pick their victims. The narration are given by survivors of this devilish act

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    Nigerian Kidnapping: How to keep kidnappers from coming close to you and your family

    Activities of Boko Haram, armed robbers, ritual-killing kidnappers and ransom-taking kidnappers are making Nigerian more dangerous to live in day by day. Here are the ways to keep ransom-taking kidnappers away from you.

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    Nigerians suffering in Libya

    See Libya, See Spain – The Risky Adventure of Nigerian Desert Voyagers to Europe

    Nigeria harsh economy situation is pushing millions of Nigerians seeking greener pastures at all cost. Here’s the story of a survivor of extermination of black migrants in Libya. Listen to it, share it and discourage at least a Nigerian from embarking on risky desert journey to Europe

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    cruel treatment of african migrant in asia

    Live and Work Abroad, Nigerians Beware, See Video of brutal treatment of African migrants in Asia

    Application for living and working in Dubai, Canada, China, USA and other juicy countries of the world with mushroom travelling agencies might be the end of your dream if not the end of your life. See video of one of the inhuman treatments of Nigerians and Africans in the so called greener pastures. They are killing our sisters and brothers and trading their heart, liver, kidney and other body organs.

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