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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian Sport > Bash Ali, Nigerian Foremost International Boxer

    Bash Ali, Nigerian Foremost International Boxer

    Bash Alli – International Nigerian Boxer

    Bashiru Ali was born in Lagos State Nigeria on 27 February, 1956. Went to Birch freeman high school, Lagos Nigeria and then University of California, Berkeley.

    Bash started his career as a teenage wrestler In Surulere Lagos under the tutelage of a Lebanese named Franji. He was and is still a very focused and determined sport man always ready to take corrections from his coach. Because He was ready to take on any Goliath as a teenager made him opt for a better and more organised sport, boxing.

    Bass Ali as a Wrestler
    Bass Ali as a Wrestler

    In his days as a teenager he was acclaimed the strongest school boy in the whole world, he was a very intelligent sportsman In and outside the ring. The young Lawrence Alli as he was fondly called then, didn’t stop at wrestling alone, he got a scholarship to study in the US, which served as a turn around in his career.

    The boxing Career kick started in the US California at Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento with Wilbert Albers. Bash lost the match. He fought many and defeated many boxers that challenged him.

    The name Bash Alli was formed from his real name Bashiru Alli, he really lived up to the name , by bashing so many boxers along the way, amongst them are Carlos DeLeon of Puerto Rico, Bernard Benson, Tommy Richardson and many more.

    His Fights

    He had 80 fights with 472 rounds. He won 66 and lost 14. 46 of his winnings are Knock Outs and 2 of his losses are Knock Outs.

    Bash Ali International Nigerian Boxer
    Bash Ali International Nigerian Boxer

    Titles Won

    December 03, 1980, USBA Cruiserweight Title
    September 12, 1984, USA California State Cruiserweight Title
    June 19, 1985, NABF Cruiserweight Title
    April 10, 1987, WBC International Cruiserweight Title
    September 23, 1988, Nigerian Heavyweight Title
    February 23, 1990, WBC International Cruiserweight Title
    July 31, 1993, African Boxing Union Heavyweight Title
    September 11, 2000, WBF Cruiserweight Title
    August 15, 2004, WBF Cruiserweight Title

    See details of his bout here.


    On October 22, 2005, Bash Ali said in an interview with Vanguard Nigeria;

    Boxing was a total coincidence. I was a wrestler when I left Nigeria. In fact, I left on a wrestling scholarship. Mildred Burke Professional School of Wrestling in the USA gave me a scholarship and I left for America in September 1974. But when I got to USA, I saw the wrestlers, all 6feet 9inches, 400pounds, and here I was, 160pounds. I knew they would simply kill me. So, I went to school and was looking for work one day when I saw a poster of Mohamed Ali on the wall and I went in and saw two guys in boxing bout. So, I told the supervisor I would like to spar with one of them, and he told me to come the following day.

    I’d seen Mohamed Ali, Ken Norton, George Foreman and Joe Frazier on TV. I was excited. But it was not as easy; the first guy I fought nearly killed me.

    My first pro fight netted me just $400, and I nearly cried because I had promised my mother I was going to send her money to buy a car and do other things! The guy who fought in the main event netted close to $300,000. So, I decided to take up the sport full-time and also to work hard and be very good at it.

    At Present

    Bash Ali is Living in Oakland, California and working with Joy Unlimited Promotions as a Promoter.
    He is also the coordinator of Bash Ali Youth Support Organisation – Bays.Org.

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