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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Newspapers/Dailies > The Lucrative Export Business of Snail, where a Piece sells for $4

    The Lucrative Export Business of Snail, where a Piece sells for $4

    The Giant African Snail is sought after in parts of the world for its nutritional and cosmetic benefits.

    In Nigeria, some entrepreneurs have found opportunities to export the molluscs abroad.

    Exportation of agricultural products is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Smart Nigerian business men and women are making huge profit selling products like cocoa, cassava chip, yam powder, bitter cola, charcoal and lot more to buyers in Europe, North America and Asia.

    In the recent time, giant African land snail has become one of the choicest agro-products buyers from other parts of the world are craving after. The reason for this is due to the facts that African snail is good for food and for beauty.

    • The snail as food is very rich in protein with very low cholesterol.
    • The slime (slippery liquid) from snail is good for skin and used for production of cosmetic.

    For these Nigerian entrepreneurs, the business of snail is growing too fast than the growing and production of the creatures themselves.

    Oluwatobilola Ohioma-Belo, the founder of BayLow Foods says:

    The export business came when I started here in Lagos and I had a lot of enquiries from the US from the UK from Holland. The molluscs are sought for their mucus, said to be full of collagen and other compounds that regenerate skin cells.

    She is preparing her first order of 1,000 snails to United Kingdom, selling at $4,000 (i.e. $4 per snail).

    Another Nigerian entrepreneur, Tadzio Okhiria, Managing Director of Snail Care Farm says:

    Because of its amazing benefits, not just nutritional benefits, but other benefits, for instance the slime now, it is being harvested massively and used in cosmetics and cosmetics.

    The risk of the business

    Oluwatobilola says:

    In terms of sourcing you know in large quantities, you have to really have your game really really tight, then having the right people who would freight for you, because I know a lot of people have issues, they tell me it took them like one week or two weeks, so by the time they get their goods it’s either it is rotten or the customers are not interested, or they are not as fresh as they were.

    Tadzio Okhiria says:

    But the shipping of livestock is a tricky process, requiring traders to comply with strict regulations.

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