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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Newspapers/Dailies > When In Need – a Philadelphia, US, NGO Storms Nigeria for Free Medical Care

    When In Need – a Philadelphia, US, NGO Storms Nigeria for Free Medical Care

    When-In-Need-Foundation Last Visit to Nigeria in Abuja

    A group of philanthropists and volunteers recently left the United States on a three-day mission to provide medical and other assistance to the people of Nigeria.

    The When In Need Foundation, which has an international reach and an office at 4950 Parkside Ave. in West Philadelphia, dispatched a team of physicians and volunteers to the West African nation on April 22.

    Team members plan to conduct medical screenings, do treatment and provide supplies to residents in the southeastern rural area of Ideato South from April 27 to 29.

     “In most regions of the world, malaria and rampant diarrhea are not an issue; access to food and clean water is not always an issue,” said Chetachi Nwoga-Ecton, who heads WIN. “That is not the case in Nigeria where these issues are the leading cause of deaths every year.
    “The When in Need Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the most deprived parts of the world are not forgotten,” she added.

    “This is a three-day medical mission, and we have assembled an array of medical experts who specialize in different areas to treat malaria, diarrhea and a variety of areas because, as you know, Africa is challenged with not having enough health care,” said George Onuorah, director of media relations for the nonprofit, nongovernment agency.

    Felicia D. Harris, another member of WIN, said the foundation had purchased land that was given to rural families in need and taught them farming to develop self-sufficiency and economic skills, as produce grown could be sold in the market place.

    “WIN has been working in rural parts of Africa to provide the communities with the resources that they need to live everyday lives,” she said. “Instead of taking up donations to take water to different parts of Nigeria, they raised funds to build a water tower, which now provides clean water so that over 60,000 residents in a rural community [now have water].”

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