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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Newspapers/Dailies > 2 Canadian Sisters Who Tried Extorting Otedola for Alleged Sexual Escapade With Them Speak on their Bail Jump

    2 Canadian Sisters Who Tried Extorting Otedola for Alleged Sexual Escapade With Them Speak on their Bail Jump

    Toronto Canadian Ladies Dating Nigerian men

    Two Canadian sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo (of Indian parents) who failed to appear in Yaba Magistrate Court on January 26, 2017 over the case between them and Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola have finally broken the silence.

    After about 4 months of silence, the Canadian ladies rev out with their side of the episode of alleged sexual adventure between them and Femi Otedola.

    The Canadian Kardashians said in a new interview with CTV News Toronto:

    Everyone thinks we’re missing or dead or worse,

    The Insta-Famous Sisters (as they are called on the Instagram) accused of cyberbullying and extortion were charged to Yaba Magistrate court on 23 December, 2016 by Femi Otedola.

    The ladies were fun of travelling to Nigeria, dating wealthy men, having sex with them and recording conversation and sexual adventure which they used to extort money from the men by threatening them.

    The glamorous ladies had over a dozen trips to Nigeria in the past 8 years, dating extremely wealthy Nigerian businessmen and politicians. They even went to the extent of having a website, (now defuncts), which they used to cyberbully and blackmail such Nigerians by exposing the recorded sex videos.

    But luck ran out on them when they tried it with smart CEO of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola, as they were arrested and charged.

    During the court season on December 23, 2016, they were to remand in prison till January 26, 2017 but they were granted bail with their international passport seized.

    Canadian Embassy Aided in Their Bail Jumps

    After being arrested and spending a night in jail, the sisters apologized publicly and were placed under police protection at a hotel. They claim Nigerian authorities held their passports and the Canadian Embassy had to issue emergency passports for their return.

    Since leaving Nigeria on January 1, the sexy Canadian sisters say they’ll never return. They have missed several court dates but as there’s no extradition treaty between Canada and Nigeria, it’s unclear what’s next legally.

    Part of What They Said in the Interview

    “I was yelling and I was saying, ‘Show me an arrest warrant, show me something with my name on it,’” Kiran said, choking back tears.

    “But they didn’t have any identification.”

    Jyoti said they were questioned then placed in a jail cell for eight hours overnight.

    “There was rats in there, there was 11 other girls. Two pieces of foam, I was crying the whole night, I was freaking out,” she said.

    A local news website shared video of the sisters apologizing to Otedola and his family, and also saying they had created a website,, which exposed alleged scandals involving Nigeria’s rich and powerful. They went on to say “the intention was not hurt anyone or to be malicious” or extort anyone.

    But the sisters now deny having anything to do with the website. They insist they were scapegoats in the Nigerian authorities’ alleged attempt to cover up a “national embarrassment involving a powerful and wealthy person.

    Documents filed in court show that, two months before the Matharoos last arrived in Nigeria, Otedola petitioned for a police investigation into, claiming that it used naked pictures to extort money from innocent Nigerians.

    However, the Matharoos sisters’ names are nowhere to be found in the document.

    Our Apology to Femi Otedola was Forced on Us

    The sisters now say they made the apology video to get their passports back. But the documents were never returned.

    Out of fear for their lives, the sisters told CTV News, they agreed to make the video apology.

    “It was pretty much being forced, otherwise you’re going to be thrown into a maximum security prison for God knows how long,” Kiran said.

    Though they are relieved to be back in Canada, the Matharoos say they still want to clear their names.

    “I think this stain on our reputation will never be cleared,” said Kiran. “Because now, no matter what we do, it’s always going to be there.”

    But despite what they describe as a harrowing ordeal, the sisters want to begin documenting their lives on social media again.

    A lawyer who helped the sisters told CTV News that the Canadian Embassy issued emergency passports, as their bail conditions did not restrict travel.

    The Matharoos left Nigeria on Jan. 1, vowing never to return. They have already missed several court dates, the next of which is scheduled for May 22. There is no extradition treaty between Canada and Nigeria.

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