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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > All about Nigeria > Yahoo Boy: A Nigerian Internet Fraudster Nabbed in United State

    Yahoo Boy: A Nigerian Internet Fraudster Nabbed in United State

    Oladipupo Kupoluyi - the nigerian yahoo boy
    Oladipupo Kupoluyi (Courtsey of JailAlert)

    For young Nigerians who are looking for how to become a yahoo boy, this is a lesson for you.

    Oladipupo Kupoluyi, a young Nigerian, pleaded guilty in one United State of America’s Federal High Courts. He was arraigned in November, 2015 on the charge of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, sending fraudulent mails and wiring of illegally obtained funds from two banks at Binghamton, USA to a bank in Nigeria.

    The arrest was done on 28, May, 2015 by Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office, 7445, County House Road, Auburn when M&T Bank officials contacted federal investigators to report a suspected fraud scheme.

    The scamming process happened between June, 2014 and May, 2015. The case prosecutor confirmed that a number of internet fraudsters were involved in the fraud scheme.

    Yahoo boy format: How the fraud process went

    One of the Oladipupo’s co-conspirators contacted a 65 years old Michigan lady through Facebook. This Kupoluyi’s fellow conniver posed as a representative of U.S. Army stationed in Nigeria, asked the Michigan woman to send money to him in exchange for valuables he was able to get during one of the military operations.

    Later another scam associates of Oladipupo contacted the same woman, disguising to be a United State Custom Agent. According to the court papers, this second scammer told the woman that he had valuables like jewels sent to him by one U. S. military officer stationed in Africa and that they could be released to her if she paid $48,000 to $50,000 in “U.S. Customs fees”.

    When the woman replied that she did not have such huge amount of money, the conspirator told her he would help her secure the fund if only she provides her Social Security Number, Date of Birth and other vital personal information. The woman did.

    Getting these information, Oladipupo, opened six bank accounts in the woman’s name and wired over $100,000 into these accounts. The money he wired was from a business bank account he unlawfully gained access to.

    He later told the woman to purchase Western Union and MoneyGram Orders with the money and send them to “Rick Bauer” at Binghamton address.

    Rick Bauer was actually Oladipupo Kupoluyi whose Clarke Street address tallied with where the money orders were being delivered.

    Kupoluyi then opened bank accounts in his own real name and deposited $81,000 in M&T Bank and $28,000 in Citizen Bank in Broome County. The sheriff’s investigation revealed that some of these funds were wired to a Nigerian bank account on two occasions. The third transfer was blocked by M&T Bank when they suspected fraud.

    Our investigation revealed that Oladipupo Kupoluyi, was an Ibadan based Yahoo boy before he travelled to U.S. on student visa after being offered admission by SUNY Broome Community College, 907 Front St, Binghamton, NY 13905, USA.

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