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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian Human Interest > Pastor W F Kumuyi 20 Unique Qualities You Should Know

    Pastor W F Kumuyi 20 Unique Qualities You Should Know

    Pastor W F Kumuyi

    Here are some things we don’t know about this Man-of-God.Pastor W.F.Kumuyi. He is really an outstanding preacher in all sense.

    1. He was born on June 6, 1941 in Erin-Ijesha, Osun state.

    2. He graduated with First-class degree in Mathematics from the University of Ibadan in 1967.

    3. In April 2013, Kumuyi was named as one of the “500 most powerful people on the planet”.

    4. He draws/receives no salary from the work he does, instead the church sees to his upkeeps. The house he lived-in and the SUV he droves-in is owned by the church. Some pastors under him droves Cars better than his. He has NOTHING he can call his.

    5. His church holds the position as the “single largest congregational church” in Africa and the 3rd largest in the world since the 80s.

    6. Currently, his church is named as “world largest megachurch” according to

    7. He is an extremely humble man, his understanding of the Bible is quite enviable and astonishing. He has an excellent command of alliteration. If he were to speak on TEAM, you would heard him saying: Together Everybody Accomplishes More(TEAM).His collosal grasp of the scripture has made the submission that ” he teaches the bible as if he was there when it was written”.

    8. He doesnt own a private jet. (I could recalled the story of an incident where the commercial plane he was in developed engine failure mid-air. One engine stops working
    and the other is showing sign it would malfunction too. Everyone were praying and asking for God forgiveness of their sins, he was there calm and untroubled. He was quoted as saying: “satan you can’t do anything while am still here(on the plane)”. Suddenly, the two engines started working again and the crash was averted, according to one of the pastors that went with him on the journey.)

    9. He sold his car to support the gospel work in Ghana back in the 80s or late 70s.

    10. His church offers the first “free food, free accommodation, free transportation” for participants in Nigeria Christendom. Every other churches follow suite.

    11. The church he reluctantly started with 15 members in 1973 as Bible Study class has grown to over 1million membership in Nigeria alone with millions others in the rest of the world.

    12. He has featured in a christian movie titled “The Snare”. The film has been in the making since 2010 and it features local and international renowned Christian artistes.

    13. He is an Holiness preacher, an Author and a Televangelist.

    14. His church has its own private high school dubbed “Deeper Life High School” (an highly advanced secondary school) in almost every states in Nigeria.

    15. His church also has its own University called “Anchor University” in Abuja and Lagos (as proposed).

    16. His Ultra modern Headquarters church in Lagos cost over N4billions. The edifice is a masterpiece with underground car park and 2 lift elevators inside the church. All the windows in the church are remotedly or electronically opened and closed. Even the roofing sheet they used is the first of such in Africa(according to the architect in-charge).

    17. His church blue and white coloured, long buses procured by the church are all customised, including all the satellite dishes the church branches used for transmission.

    18. He once tendered his letter of resignation as the G.S of the church during the controversy that trails his son’s wedding despite the fact that he is the founder of the ministry. (i salute his leadership style on this).

    19. He was once a lecturer at the University of Lagos. His studies at University of Ibadan was sponsored by the renowned Atheist, Tai Solarin.

    20. He got born-again on April 4, 1964.

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