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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian Human Interest > “Nigerian Soldiers Force Lady to Undress for Wearing Camouflage” – My Take (By Runor Casey)

    “Nigerian Soldiers Force Lady to Undress for Wearing Camouflage” – My Take (By Runor Casey)

    Lady stripes naked by Nigerian soldiers
    The photo of a Nigerian lady being stripped and maltreated by Nigerian soldiers for wearing a camouflage

    There’s a saying “when you’re in Rome, you behave like the Romans but immediately you find yourself in Africa, you have to behave like the Africans”.

    The fact the American obese kids usually call their dads by their names doesn’t mean you as a Nigerian, after watching Hollywood movies would call your dad by his name.

    The fact the American kids can tell anyone “fuck you!”, including their parents, doesn’t mean you as a Nigerian would tell your parents “fuck you!”, dem no born you well.

    The fact the American civilians or whoever wear camouflage outfits and are tolerated by their environment doesn’t mean you should open your two “korokoro” eyes to wear military camouflage outfit anyhow here.

    Any nation that tolerates such, it’s her “palava”. Our military says “don’t wear camouflage”, why then do you wear it and even to their notice?

    Considering the insecurity challenges rocking our country:

    armed robbers disguising themselves as military men to successfully execute their operation without being stopped for check;

    boko haram using military camouflage outfits to disguise as soldiers to enable them scale unhindered to the destination they intend carrying out their evil plans;

    even kidnappers and ritualists also disguise themselves in military camouflage.

    Many of us, even waking up in NYSC orientation camp was a big challenge to us. Considering the torture the soldiers go through as cadets before attaining the position they find themselves today, why can’t we just respect them?

    They stay under the rain and sun just to make sure we are safe. By the way, how much do you think they are paid? They are given poor treatment by the government, thus they behave the way our government makes them to be.

    No care, no proper orientation, living in dirty barracks with poor facilities, meager salary, etc.

    They are separated from their families, redeployed to stay in bushes, highways, isolated from normal activities of life, become strangers to their families just for the sake of our country, for my sake and for your sake, yet, we look down on them as nobody.

    Many of us will never wish our children become soldiers because we know the kind of poor state of living they are exposed to.

    So, these soldiers tell us, don’t wear our camouflage uniforms, those who have 32 heads will dare them simply because they are the this or that. Must you wear that camouflage?

    Our legislature and judiciary are aware of this, if they are unsatisfied with soldiers’ reactions to civilians wearing camouflage, let them do something about it.

    Until then, save yourself from any unnecessary beating and public embarrassment.

    Writen by Runor Casey, an active Nigerian Facebook user and a computer coder


    (The video below shows how an handicapped (crippled) man was brutally beaten up by two Nigerian soldiers for wearing camouflage)


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