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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian Human Interest > Ejelete Aluta is Ready to Lead, Let’s Take Our Aluta to the Pedestal of Governance

    Ejelete Aluta is Ready to Lead, Let’s Take Our Aluta to the Pedestal of Governance

    Chinedu Ekwealor
    Chinedu Ekwealor – Ejelete Aluta

    On the streets, at newspapers’ vendors’ stands, in public vehicles, on campuses and at every nook and cranny of Nigeria, young Nigerians of all classes and statuses are involved and are involving in various forms of agitation and “Aluta” against the operations, administrations and policies of government, yelling for dividends of democracy.

    More often than not, this mode of Aluta has failed in giving us the results and changes we desire. For this reason, Nigerian youth need to do things differently by taking our Aluta to State of Assemblies, Federal House of Representative, National Assembly, Governor Offices and Aso Rock.

    Young Nigerians, most especially youth of Anambra North Senatorial District should be happy having one of them, Comrade Chinedu Ekwealor (PhD) who is ready to take the Aluta struggle to National Assembly.

    Who is Chinedu Ekwealor?

    Chinedu Thomas Ekwealor was born at Obokwo Farm Settlement of Umuenwelum Anam town. One step after the other, he scaled from a little farm boy to university don. He was nick-named “Ejelete Aluta” by his fellow students of Federal Polytechnics, Oko, in the course of leading the struggle against the suffering of the students.

    As a comrade and Aluta man, championing the cause of young Nigerians, he became the Vice President (Special Duties) of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) 2002/2003. After his program in Federal Poly, Oko, he left for South Africa for further study and there, he continued his struggle for the betterment of young Nigerians and founded National Association of Nigerian Students, South Africa (NANSSA). He was the first president of NANSSA.

    Also, he is the founder of International Students Association of University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. He was the representative of Sub-Saharan African Region in the World Youth Movement for Democracy and by virtue of his intellectual contributions, Chinedu Ekwealor became the president of the organization from 2014 to 2016.

    His Present Pursuit

    Chinedu Ekwealor is striving to take the cause of Nigerians and most especially people of Anambra North Senatorial District to National Assembly. He is vying for the senatorial ticket in APGA. Among the contenders, Chinedu Ekwealor is the:

    – Youngest

    – Most Educated

    – Most Vibrant

    – Only Masses- Conscious

    Chinedu, a person, who did not allow the primitive farm environment and low-mentality hold his dream down, is the kind of man Nigerians and most especially youth need to champion their cause for better future.

    Ejelete Aluta has been leading the cause of better life for young Nigerians for years, let us give him all the support he needs to fight our case even better than before.

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