It's Friday, February 21, 2020 - 3:11 PM in Nigeria.

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  • Articles in "Healthy Nigerians" Category in Nigeria World Today

    drinking water

    How Nigerians Can Stay Healthy and Disease-Free with Clean Warm Water

    Water is very potent and if properly used, can keep you, Nigerians, away from hospital and makes you live long. Here are the benefits of taking warm, clean water and instruction on how to use it.

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    fake Milo food drink

    See Video of Adulterated Chinco Milo Packaging; Nigerians Beware

    Well, it is no wonder that every product has fake ones. See video of how this Chinese guys are packaging adulterated Milo.

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    nigerian children receiving vaccine against meningitis infection

    Nigeria Faces its Worst Outbreak of Meningitis in Years

    States of Zamfara, Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi, Niger, & Yobe have reached meningitis epidemic threshold status. The case counts are now estimated to be 8,057 suspected cases, with 230 confirmed cases, and 813 deaths

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    checking BP

    High or Low Blood Pressure – Nigerians are you sure you’re healthy?

    Nigerians! Do you know you BP? When last did you check it? High or Low BP means death is near if not check. Check out what normal BP is and all information you need to maintain normal BP

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    nigerian ladies cervical cancer

    Cervical cancer – what Nigerian ladies must know about the deadly disease?

    Nigerian ladies, get to know more about cervical cancer and how you can protect yourself, daughter, aunt and wife against it.

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