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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigeria World > Islam was Majorly Practiced in Igbo Land before Colonization – Research Shows

    Islam was Majorly Practiced in Igbo Land before Colonization – Research Shows

    A research performed by Caleb Fulsom, Axel Caballero, Jonathan Hernandez, Francisco shows that half of Igbo were  Muslims before colonization of Nigeria by the British.

    Pre-colonial Gods

    igbo pre-colonial religion

    Igbo people had several gods with Chukwu as the most important, creator of all

    Ala is the Earth Goddess, productivity of land.

    Igwe is the Sky god.

    Igbo people had many other gods as well for wealth, river, yams, drums, etc.

    Pre-Colonial Sacrifice

    igbo pre-colonial religious sacrifice
    Human sacrifices were seen as something cultural to their religion.

    Because of spiritual beliefs, the Igbo believed that sacrifice pleased ancestors.

    Gods would give blessing through sacrifice.

    The receiver of all sacrifices was Chuwku.

    Pre-colonial Places of Worship

    igbo pre-colonial place of religious worship

    Worshiped the Earth Spirit at shrines called: Mbari.

    People went to oracle houses where priests would teach them about the gods and spirits.

    Used many wooden figures to represent gods.

    Post-colonial Igbo Gods

    Post-colonial Igbo Gods

    Colonists stripped the Igbo of traditional beliefs and replaced them with Christian ideals.

    Igbo people were taught to believe in Jesus Christ and that there was one god that created all.

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