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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Nigerian History > 1845 Lagos Royal Vengeance – Prince Kosoko, Chief Eletu and Oba Akitoye of Lagos

    1845 Lagos Royal Vengeance – Prince Kosoko, Chief Eletu and Oba Akitoye of Lagos

    Oba Akitoye of Lagos
    Oba Akitoye of Lagos, 1841

    Chief Eletu Odibo was the principal kingmaker of Lagos Royal Kingdom in period around 1810 to 1845. His office is an equivalent of a Prime Minister.

    Kosoko was one of the princes of Lagos.  Eletu Odibo was offended by Prince Kosoko because the prince hijacked and married his fiancée. Eletu kept the grudge till the time it was Prince Kosoko’s turn to be crowned as the king of Lagos.

    Kosoko was meant to succeed Ojulari as king in 1834 but was vetoed by Eletu, who still bore that grudge. Prince Adele was crowned as the king instead.

    After the demise of King Adele, Kosoko was vetoed yet again by Chief Eletu. Oluwole was crowned King in 1837.

    To further worsen the situation, Eletu falsely accused Kosoko’s sister of being a witch and sentenced her to death. The young woman was killed by drowning her in the lagoon.

    Next Chief Eletu raised an army against Kosoko, causing him to flee to Epe. After that, he exhumed Kosoko’s mother’s corpse and cast her remains in the lagoon. Kosoko remained terrified and helpless in self exile.

    In 1841, Oba Oluwole died and Akitoye was made king.

    Kosoko having fed up totally with his situation, declared war on Oba Akitoye who called in Eletu Odibo for support.

    In 1845, Eletu’s men warred and lost to Kosoko. Akitoye was exiled and Eletu, taken.

    Kosoko placed Eletu in a sealed oil drum, set it alight and threw it in the lagoon.

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