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  • Articles in "Nigerian History" Category in Nigeria World Today

    Nigeria Soldiers with dying Biafrans

    The Heavy Hands of Nigerian Federal Troops on Biafra

    Quotations from sources like New York Times, Washington Morning Post, London Observer, etc show how harsh Nigeria was on Biafrans during the civil war.

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    igbo slave

    Igbo Landing – A Site in Georgia Where Ibo Slaves Committed Mass Suicide, Preferred Death to Bondage

    In 1803, about 75 Igbo slaves, on transit to US, at Dunbar Creek on St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia, revolted against the crew, forcing them into the water where they drowned. They also committed mass suicide. Record have it that some of them survived.

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    Nnamdi Azikiwe - Nigerian constitutionalist

    Nnamdi Azikiwe – Rough and Strong-armed Nigeria Politician

    Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first head of Nigeria Republic. A Nigerian nationalist who was against Biafra secession. See what made him a strong-armed politician!

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    Obafemi Awolowo - Nigeria Politician

    Obafemi Awolowo – Facts about Nigerian Boldest Politician

    Obafemi Awolowo is considered as “Best President Nigeria Never Had”. He rose from his poor background to the top. Check out his brief history

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    Oba Akitoye of Lagos

    1845 Lagos Royal Vengeance – Prince Kosoko, Chief Eletu and Oba Akitoye of Lagos

    Chief Eletu denied Prince Kosoko access to throne of Oba of Lagos because of the grudge between them. In 1845, after several years, Kosoko made a bold move and took the throne by force. Check out the history!

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    ahmadu bello nigeria first premier president

    Ahmadu Bello, The Charming History of Nigeria’s First Premier/President

    Ahmadu Bello, who preferred being called Sultan of Sokoto. From ruling family of Sokoto Empire, he became Nigeria’s first Premier. Though, love by many and feared bu many more, he was killed in Kaduna on 15th January, 1966. Read more!

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    Tafawa Balewa

    Tafawa Balewa, Brief History of a Nigerian Hero

    Tafawa Balewa, a hero of Nigeria, rose from poor background and became Prime Minister of Nigeria. He was killed in Lagos on January, 1966. See concise details of gentle and humble Nigerian hero

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