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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Articles on Nigeria > Our Unhygienic Behaviour Makes Nigeria Dirty – By Runor Casey

    Our Unhygienic Behaviour Makes Nigeria Dirty – By Runor Casey

    dirty land pollution in NigeriaIn 2006 I was on my way to Lagos, there’s this female passenger with me eating whatever she came across. She bought banana, “breaking groundnut”, gala, garden egg, etc. Anything hawked around, she bought. She was eating and eating, throwing the peels through the window to the road.

    You know, I hate it when one drops dirts on the road. To me, if you’re eating anything and need to dispose the peel, keep in your car or in a cellophane, when you get to your destination, dispose it.

    So, this lady kept on eating and throwing the peels of her food/fruits along the road. So toward Ogun state, we met some soldiers, they stopped our bus, asked everyone to alight. When we all alighted, two of them asked “who be that mad person wen dey dirty the road dey throway banana for the road? (Nigerian Pidgin English)

    We were all frightened you know, the soldiers were not smiling at all. So the girl showed herself frightfully.

    One of the soldiers then told the driver of the vehicle that before we would be allowed to continue our journey, the girl must first trek down to where she threw the banana peels and use her teeth to pick them up, and then keep in her bag to dispose when she arrives her destination.

    Body sweet me one kain (Pidgin English meaning – I was so happy). To me, it served her right. That’s how she trekked down, bent down and used her teeth to pick up the banana peels.

    Some people will carry their home dirtiness to display in public. A place is dirty because the people living there makes it dirty.

    A place is neat because the people living there keeps it neat.

    The roads of developed nations are neat because the residents keep them neat, the roads of developing nations are dirty because some animals throw anything on the floor.

    The drainages don’t just get blocked, stopping free flow of water, some animals residing there dump their refuses in those drainages, refuse to clear the drainages and this makes the water stagnant, attracting insects.

    What sort of human being dumps refuse on the floor? Many of us buy fruits while driving, eat them and throw their peels on the road.This is why our roads are dirty.

    What about keeping the peels in your car or bag and disposing them when you get to your destination?

    Some times, we behave like animals, thus we get the animal treatment.

    When you do the right thing, nobody can oppress you and get away with it especially when you know your right.

    Keep the environment clean and the mosquitoes will be lean, they will have no place to hide, they will fly until they die.

    Writen by Runor Ehaughe Casey – an active Nigerian Facebook user and a computer coder

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