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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Articles on Nigeria > Unethical Nigeria Road Safety Officers, Unruly Driver, Deserve Penalties. (By Runor Casey)

    Unethical Nigeria Road Safety Officers, Unruly Driver, Deserve Penalties. (By Runor Casey)

    Unruly Nigeria driver and unethical road safety officerSome time ago,I watched a video which went viral here. It’s about a man, his wife and some Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) officials.

    Mine is to do viewer’s analysis.

    The female FRSC officer was struggling the steering wheel of the car with the man (the driver), trying to bring the vehicle to a halt. The wife was at the front passenger’s seat videotaping the whole incident while challenging the FRSC officer.

    The husband refused to stop the car and kept on driving amid the struggle for control of the car with the FRSC officer.

    Out of the blue, a commando in uniform emerged and burst the windscreen. What sort of a safety officer resorts to violence?



    Now as a civilian, let me say this. The FRSC officers did not act professionally at all, and dismissing them wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    The owner of the car and his wife also did not act like educated people which they posed to be. You’re driving, an officer in uniform stops you, you said he has no right to stop. The officer too lacking professional ethics decide to sail in same ship of disregard for the law to fight you.

    If not for anything, but for the uniform he’s wearing, the man and his wife should have stopped that car and let them do whatever they want. If they harass and maltreat, you can file a report against them. Yes, you can do that.

    Not you challenging them on duty, “dragging” car steering with them not minding the threat you pose to other road users by so doing since focus is already lost.

    Instead of the wife to advise her husband to stop, she’s there quarreling with the safety officer and videoing the whole scene, probably to share on Facebook.

    Even if you have no regard for a person, there’s something called “respect for office”, and “respect for the uniform”. The man looked like a man with reputation but he didn’t act it at all. If it was an “Alaye (Gang Head)” I watched doing what he did, I wouldn’t be surprised but not a man like him.

    As for the FRSC officers, what I saw in them were animals in uniform. As the title implies, they stand for nothing else but SAFETY but they abused what they stood for, posing threat to other road users as they struggled for the car steering and key.

    Safety starts with S but begins with U. You don’t fight in a moving car. The man and his wife ought to be locked up while the FRSC officers sacked and tried, to serve as deterrent to other KINGS of the road.

    Writen by Runor Ehaughe Casey – an active Nigerian Facebook user and a computer coder

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