It's Monday, June 01, 2020 - 5:26 PM in Nigeria.

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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Articles on Nigeria > Support Youth Can Run (#nottooyoungtorunbill)

    Support Youth Can Run (#nottooyoungtorunbill)

    Nigerian youth can run bill

    YCR is a nationwide movement whose aim is to create an awareness to support a bill (nottooyoungtorunbill) that is to be passed into the Nigerian constitution.

    As the name implies, the passage of this bill will open doors to young, efficient and transparent youths to be integrated into the Nigerian political system. Recent changes in countries like France and Canada raised the clarion call which after many discussions and surveys led to the birth of the Youth Can Run Bill.
    The aim of the bill is to reduce the the age limit to run for a political office in Nigeria and also to raise, transform and empower youths to be integrated into the Nigerian political system. Since the transfer of power from the military rule to civilian rule on May 29, 1999, we know that the set of leaders Nigeria has produced since 1999 have not fulfilled any of the mandate declared on their manifestos, hence the state in which the country is in.
    Your support for this bill represents a part of that one voice, a part of the generation that will forever be remembered in the history of Nigeria. We know we all need to direct Nigeria to her destination.

    Therefore you and I need to sign this petition to support this bill. We believe Nigeria is for us all, this is our pride and we need to come together to save our country Nigeria from the dark age, her stagnancy and the parasite (CORRUPTION) which is choking every citizen.
    This petition will be delivered to:
    All Nigerian Youths
    Young Leaders

    Make your support here.

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