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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > All about Nigeria > Rich and Successful Lebanese Who are Nigerians by Birth

    Rich and Successful Lebanese Who are Nigerians by Birth

    Lebanese Nigerians by Birth
    Lebanese Nigerians by Birth


    Lebanese Nigerian Ely Calil
    Ely Calil
    1. Ely Calil: born in Kano, Nigeria, on Dec. 8, 1945. He now have British citizenship. He is a businessman with net worth of 350 million Euro as at 2010. He was adjudged by The Sunday Times Magazine as one of the richest men in Britain.

    Eli Calil’s made his wealth from his father, George Calil. His father founded a groungnut oil empire and the Nigerian Oil Mills (NOM). This business empire was willed to Ely and his brother Bernard after their father’s demise.


    Lebanese Nigerian Gilbert Ramez Chagoury
    Gilbert Ramez Chagoury
    2. Gilbert Ramez Chagoury: was born in Lagos, Nigeria to Lebanese immigrant parents. He left Nigeria for Lebanon for his university education. On his return to Nigeria in 1971, he co-founded the Chagoury Group with his brother Ronald Chagoury.

    The group is a conglomerate with interest in construction; real estate and property development; flour mills; water purification and bottling; glass manufacturing; insurance; hotel; furniture; telecommunication; Information technology; catering; and international financing.

    Gilbert Chagoury is believed to worth $4.2 billion.


    Lebanese Nigerian Ronald Chagoury
    Ronald Chagoury
    3. Ronald Chagoury: was born on January 8, 1949 in Lagos, Nigeria to Lebanese immigrant parents – Mr Ramez and Mrs Alice Chagoury. His parents emigrated from Lebanon to Nigeria in the 1940s.

    He left Nigeria for Lebanon for his university education at College des Freres Chretiens. He also studied business administration at California State Univeristy, Long Beach, in United State of America. At present, he lives in Lagos and is the current CEO of Chagoury Group.


    Lebanese Nigerian Tatiana Mousalli Nouri
    Tatiana Mousalli Nouri
    4. Tatiana Mousalli Nouri: was conceived in Nigeria, born in United Kingdom and raised in Nigeria. Tatiana believed she is a 4th generation of Lebanese Nigerian. Her great grandfather, Michael Lelias, got to Nigeria in 1886. She is the deputy group managing director of Aim Group, a conglomerate of broadcasting firms – Wazobia TV, Wazobia FM and Cool FM.

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