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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Articles on Nigeria > Nigerian Army Logo Arabic Inscription, Why?

    Nigerian Army Logo Arabic Inscription, Why?

    Nigerian Army logo

    Nigerian Army is one of the national organizations supposedly to be a point of unity among multi- cultural and ethnic Nigerians. But looking critically at the logo of the military body, you will discover that there is an inscription writen in Arabic language.

    Arabic is a language supposedly strange to any indigenous Nigerian ethnic and tribe but which came to Nigeria as a result of religious conquests by the Arabia.

    Why should this appear on logos of a very important Nigerian establishment like the Nigerian Army.

    Is there any reason why this caption is in Arabic?

    Though Arabic is just the language of the Arabians irrespective of their religions, but it is considered as the language of Islam.

    Why is the inscription not writen in English, the Nigeria official language?

    Is this not Northernization of Nigeria?

    The meaning of the Nigerian Army Logo Arabic Inscription

    After my research about this caption, I discovered that it mean, “Victory is from God alone”. And that the language with which it is writen is not really Arabic but Ajami.

    Ajami is African writing system derived from Arabic. And West African Hausa is an example of a language written using Ajami.  Hausa Ajami is still in widespread use, especially in Islamic circles.

    Nigerian Naira Note

    You will recall that Ajami inscriptions were also on Nigerian Currency notes, Naira.

    The Arabic inscription on important Nigerian identities like Army logo and our currency notes is a strong indication of the lording of the Hausa-Fulani cum northern Moslems over other tribes and ethnics in Nigeria.
    Don’t you think it is high time Nigerian government removed the Arabic/Ajami inscriptions from our so called national symbols of unity as they were removed from N5, N10, N20 and N50 notes by Prof Chukwuma Soludo?

    If the inscriptions are needed on any of the Nigeria signs, symbols and logos, it should be in our official language – English, thereby telling all Nigerians irrespective of their ethnics and religions that this country belongs to all of us.

    What is your opinion about this post? Give it in the comment below.

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