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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > All about Nigeria > Nigeria Porous Border, Porous Constitution and Ruined Secularism, Military Faulty

    Nigeria Porous Border, Porous Constitution and Ruined Secularism, Military Faulty

    Nigeria Porous Borders
    Nigeria Porous Borders, Porous Constitution and Destroyed Secularism

    We have for years had very porous borders in Nigeria. From Benin Republic to Niger Republic, to Mali, Chad, Cameroun and any other transit point where evils dwell. Unfortunately, our poorly paid Immigration and Customs Officials are 99% of the time paid off while allowing trouble makers to enter the country at will.

    Funny thing, former Nigerian military president Retired General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) sits very close to Niger Republic where he has invested heavily in Oil & Gas Industry, and can move about freely between the two countries – Nigeria and Niger. Yet, he was once a military dictator who had enormous access to Nigeria’s wealth, and could’ve secured our borders properly. Just by merely spending about 1/10th of the illegal wealth looted from the country.

    ALL our borders could have been properly secured with high walls, electronic protection devices and cameras hoisted at strategic locations and monitored from every security apparatus in the country, and remotely from Presidential Villa – Aso Rock, Abuja.

    However as always, our priorities are mixed up. The Nigeria I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s was a more cohesive country that never differentiated from each other on the basis of religion. Though cognizant of our ethnic differences, we nonetheless, always worked together as one indivisible entity. We have never allowed religion to divide us. Our ability to co-exist was the envy of the global community. But, our ignorant military dictators interjected religion into our secularism. IBB forced the country into the membership of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (IOC). This would have been something unheard of in the early days of Nigeria.

    Militarism has destroyed Nigeria, but, the younger generation of highly educated Southerners, South Easterners, South Westerners, North Easterners see Nigeria as an entity that must survive as One Nation. I hope the current movement towards greater transparency and accountability can be sustained.

    I would daresay that the governors, members of the National Assembly must now realise that they are not above the law, and that the public would hold them to account for all their deeds while in office. Both the Presidency and the Judiciary are equally not exempt from public scrutiny, and for all those who have behaved as if Nigeria belonged to them, the day of reckoning is actually, just around the corner. You can run, but you can’t hide! The public will hold you to account!

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