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  • NigeriaWorldToday [Home] > Articles on Nigeria > The activities of ritual-killing and cannibalistic kidnappers in Nigeria

    The activities of ritual-killing and cannibalistic kidnappers in Nigeria

    ritual killingSome days ago United Nation announced that Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places for a child to be born. UN said this because the chance of survival of children in Nigeria is very slim.

    As it is no more only the children, Nigeria is becoming more and more dangerous for all – both young and old. The wicked activities of Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Armed Robbers, Unscrupulous Police Officers, Ransom-taking Kidnappers and Ritual-Killing and Cannibalistic Kidnappers are increasing at a very high rate making Nigeria society unsafe for all.

    This post is based on the activities of ritual-killing kidnappers. Unlike ransom-taking abductors who spy on their targets and make sure they are capable of paying ransom before seizing them, cannibalistic and ritual killers abduct their victims at random.

    The following are the strategies these enemies of humanity are using in their operation.

    Nigerians should read, be careful and always pray to God for safety.

    These strategies are made known by the survivors of ritual-killing kidnapping in Nigeria.

    1. Public transport and free ride: Public transportation is the earliest and most common mode use by ritual kidnappers picking their victims.

    Always board public vehicles at government approved parks. Avoid taking free rides.

    And whenever you’re in public transport and discover that majority of co-passengers are dosing or have slept, please raise alarm before the vehicle drives to location where there will be none to help.

    2. Employment/job interview invitation: Several survivors of ritual abductors revealed how these devilish gangs lure them with interview for fantastic job positions.

    They narrated how they applied for job vacancies, invited for interview and find themselves in buildings which are very attractive outsides but the insides are gory site of abattoir where Nigerians are been slaughtered daily.

    Sometimes, the kidnappers will initially invite their targets for interview in seemingly save locations and will later tell them that their interviews will be in another place. They then take the victims in their so called company vehicles and this has been the end of hundred of Nigeria.

    3. Seeking for Jobs at Construction Sites: it is said in a narration of a man (an aluminum window and door expert) who survived the attempt of ritual killers. This kidnappers are using jobs at construction sites, baiting innocent Nigerians to secluded places and killing them for rituals and meats.

    Never go alone to a secluded and remote locations with someone you don’t know very well.

    4. Kidnappers pretending as police: This is another strategy of ritual-killing and cannibalistic kidnappers. They go about Nigerian cities in vehicles, armed with pistols and forcefully arresting and taking Nigerians away to their dens.

    In some cases, some of these part of the gangs will deliberately create a scene of pandemonium and before you know what is happening, the rest of the kidnappers will appear in vehicles, pretending like police, arrest every person possible at the scene and take them away.

    These are parts of numerous tactics ritual-killing and cannibalistic kidnappers are using, killing Nigerians and exchanging their bodies parts for money with their buyers who are using the human part for rituals and as meat.

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