It's Friday, February 21, 2020 - 3:51 PM in Nigeria.

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  • Articles in "Articles on Nigeria" Category in Nigeria World Today

    River State APC

    2019 Rivers APC Guber Ticket Struggle – The Forces And Factors At Play

    Critical Examination Of The Forces And Factors At Play in The Struggle For The 2019 Rivers APC Guber Ticket – Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, Magnus Ngei Abe, Andrew Uchendu, Dakuku Adol Peterside, Oji Nyimenuate Ngofa, Chidi Frank Wehioka, Barry Barinada Mpigi, Allwell Onyesoh, Tony Chidugan Okocha. By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

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    Niger Delta facing land, water and air pollutions

    As Demand for Petroleum goes into Extinction by 2040, will Niger Deltans go with it?

    Several Nigerian Oil buyers and other nations of the world are planning to ban totally diesel and petrol engines vehicles. With this, it is envisaged that demand for oil with die out by 2040. With the irreversible environmental and health damages oil exploration is causing in Niger Delta, won’t Nigeria South South dies with petroleum?

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    radiotherapy machine

    Cancer Patient and Access to Radiotherapy – Is it Better to be a Dog in US than Human in Nigeria?

    It has been a sorry case for Nigeria as an American Venture Capitalist tweeted that dogs with cancer in US have better access to radiotherapy treatment than Nigerian cancer patients. Is his claim right or wrong? Check it out?

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    dirty land pollution in Nigeria

    Our Unhygienic Behaviour Makes Nigeria Dirty – By Runor Casey

    Nigeria being one of the dirtiest countries in the world is a worrisome record. Runor Casey says in this article how our dirty habit makes Nigeria dirty. She also shares how some soldiers dealt with a dirty passenger in the same vehicle with her, throwing every peel of fruit, nylon, paper, etc on the road

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    Unruly Nigeria driver and unethical road safety officer

    Unethical Nigeria Road Safety Officers, Unruly Driver, Deserve Penalties. (By Runor Casey)

    Runor Ehaughe Casey gives her view on the issue of one Nigeria unethical road safety officer and one unruly driver based on a viral video on social media. She says both parties deserve punishments.

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    Nigerian Sex worker in Italy

    Trapped Nigerian Girls Advise Others not to Follow them to Europe

    The girls say; “Nigeria is a very bad country without jobs or opportunities. Their father is a farmer who earns little money.” “We can never advise our younger siblings and friends to come to Italy”

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    Oil Production in Nigeria

    Nigerian Company Lines Up To Continue Refining Revitalization

    Nigeria’s Forte Oil has announced that it is in talks with one of the nation’s major refineries to boost low post-production processing capacity

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    multi-dialectical Nigeria

    The fertile world of Nigerian regional dialects

    Urban Nigerians speak a fantastic blend of languages – hundreds of regional dialects and slags make Nigerian rich and fertile

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    nigeria newspaper reader

    Buhari has been gone for months. The last Nigerian president absent this long died in office.

    Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been out of the country since May 7, seeking medical care in London. He has not disclosed the nature of his condition, and official updates about him have been rare. It was only last week that the government released a photo of Buhari, the first image of him since he […]

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    Bodo mangrove in Niger Delta Nigeria

    The Devastating Effects of Shell’s Pipes Oil Spills on Bodo’s Residents in Niger Delta, Nigeria

    Oil spill from Nigeria Shell’s pipeline in 2008 is creating great problems for the residents of Bodo and its environ. The problems ranging from health, economy and education.

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    Nigerian girl in school

    Nigerian girls often still drop out of school to work, despite the country’s increasing wealth

    Despite living in one of the richest countries in Africa, poverty often forced Nigerian girls out of school and into the working world.

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    fuel production in Nigeria chinedu onyeizu

    Solving Fuel production and distribution problems in Nigeria – Chinedu Onyeizu

    MIT Sloan student Chinedu Onyeizu says he has a plan to make Nigeria self-sufficient in fuel production within one year.

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    Nigeria Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun

    Nigeria cannot borrow anymore, says finance minister

      Nigeria must not borrow more to fund its budget and should instead raise money it needs by other means, the country’s finance minister said on Tuesday, calling into question planned foreign loans of $2 billion from lenders like the World Bank. Africa’s largest economy is in its first recession in 25 years, and had […]

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    ritual killing

    The activities of ritual-killing and cannibalistic kidnappers in Nigeria

    Nigerian ritual killers abduct their victims at random. The following are the strategies ritual-killing kidnappers are using to pick their victims. The narration are given by survivors of this devilish act

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    nigeria map

    Nigeria Travel and Visitor Information

    Nigeria has a network of air, waterway, land and rail routes all attracting increasing levels of traffic in persons and cargo. Prospecting visitors will benefit from contacting any of the numerous travel agencies for practical advice on the best means of accessing different sections of the country. There are also a good number of good […]

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    kidnapped by boko haram

    Few were released but thousands are kidnapped, raped and forgotten

    Boko Haram extremists had recently rampaged through villages in northeastern Nigeria, massacring men who refused to join them and abducting young women — then forcing them into marriage.

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    oil pipe line

    W. Africa Crude-Most Nigerian programmes emerge, overhang grows

    Nigeria’s August loading programmes continued to emerge with most grades showing increases versus July, including the recently restarted Forcados, which will worsen the existing overhang. Meanwhile, the detailed Angolan programme for August also emerged but traders said they were waiting for their term allocations. Exports of Nigeria’s Bonny Light crude are set at seven cargoes […]

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    Anti-Boko Haram Local militia members

    Vigilantes: Nigeria’s next security problem?

    In 2013, thousands of young men formed a rag-tag militia and rounded up Boko Haram members in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria, then handed them over to the military. The Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), as it later became known, was instrumental in driving the Islamist militants out of the strategic city. Since then, the ranks of […]

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    Nigerian youth can run bill

    Support Youth Can Run (#nottooyoungtorunbill)

    YCR is a nationwide movement whose aim is to create an awareness to support a bill (nottooyoungtorunbill) that is to be passed into the Nigerian constitution. As the name implies, the passage of this bill will open doors to young, efficient and transparent youths to be integrated into the Nigerian political system. Recent changes in […]

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    Nigeria Army logo

    Nigerian Army Logo Arabic Inscription, Why?

    Nigerian Army Logo supposed to be symbol of unity in Nigeria but the Arabic inscription on it shows the lording of Hausa-Fulani group over other groups.

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