It's Friday, February 21, 2020 - 3:05 PM in Nigeria.

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  • Articles in "All about Nigeria" Category in Nigeria World Today

    cruel treatment of african migrant in asia

    Live and Work Abroad, Nigerians Beware, See Video of brutal treatment of African migrants in Asia

    Application for living and working in Dubai, Canada, China, USA and other juicy countries of the world with mushroom travelling agencies might be the end of your dream if not the end of your life. See video of one of the inhuman treatments of Nigerians and Africans in the so called greener pastures. They are killing our sisters and brothers and trading their heart, liver, kidney and other body organs.

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    $43 Million Found In Nigerian Apartment Is Certain to Spawn a Million Jokes

    See video of recovered millions of dollars, euro and naira found in Ikoyi apartment

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    South African Authority Investigate a Nigerian Prophet over Sex Abuse of Female Followers

    Authority of South Africa is probing a Nigerian prophet over allegation of sexual abuse of female followers

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    Americans Mock Nigeria over $43 million Found in Ikoyi Apartment – it’s Online Scammer Nigerian Prince’s Money

    International community mock Nigeria over the $43 Million found in one Ikoyi, Lagos Apartment. They say it must have been the Internet Scammer Prince money found at last

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    Military Fighter Jet

    Nigeria Purchase of Fighter Jets from Trump is a Vanity Project – Expert says

    Some in Washington say that the sign of ‘goodwill’ between the two governments is really a vanity project for Nigeria

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    Nigeria Famine

    Famine and Migrant Crisis Loom in Nigeria – Says U.N.

    Nigeria – the world’s seventh most populous country is about to run out of food, as aid agencies face cuts

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    Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Reopened

    Abuja, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Reopened

    Nigerian government says the international airport in its capital is reopening after 6 weeks of repairs to the runway, which had been in shocking disrepair

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    Oladipupo Kupoluyi - the nigerian yahoo boy

    Yahoo Boy: A Nigerian Internet Fraudster Nabbed in United State

    A Nigerian Yahoo boy, Oladipupo Kupoluyi, nabbed and charged to court in U S.. See the yahoo boy format he used and wired over $100,000 to his Nigerian bank account

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    Lady Nigeria Air Force Police

    Rape Cases in Nigeria: Woman Sue Nigeria Air Force for N500 million over Sexual Assault

    Rape cases in Nigeria is alarming. A former Nigeria Air Force policewoman, Uzezi who was allegedly raped by her superior, is suing NAF for N500 million damage

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    Lebanese Who Got Rich and Died in Nigeria

    Lebanese in Nigeria are known for diligent and business bravery. We have gathered first generation of them that got wealthy and died in Nigeria

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    corruption in Nigeria police force

    Corruption in Nigeria Police Force: I got almost Killed by Bad Eggs in Nigeria Police

    Dr. Olutoyosi Omotoso was almost got killed by bad Policemen because she refused to give them money. She advised “cooperate with Police if met with them at an isolated place

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    Sunmola Olayinka - Internet Scammer

    Nigerian Internet Scammer jailed for 27 years for defrauding U.S. Ladies

    Olayinka Ilumsa Sunmola, a Nigerian internet scammer, jailed for 27 years for defrauding American ladies of over $1.7 million

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    Lebanese Nigerians by Birth

    Rich and Successful Lebanese Who are Nigerians by Birth

    Lebanese are common expatriates in Nigeria. They have migrating into Nigeria since early 1900. Here are list of wealthy Lebanese who are Nigerians by birth

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    Aliko Dangote (GCON) of Dangote Group

    Create the Next Dangote Group; Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

    World economy has changed from resources-based to entrepreneurship-based. Here’s is a case study of Aliko Dangote of Dangote Group you can copy to create a successful business

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    Tom Hebert in Nigeria with his friends

    Tom Hebert: Unfavorable gods, corruption and terrible political geography are curses unto Nigeria

    Tom Hebert, an American, was a member of Peace Corps in Nigeria from 1962 to 1964. After deep understanding of Nigerians belief, he concluded that our gods had no advantage

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    President Muhammadu Buhari with Nigeria Governmet Officials in London

    President Buhari Disdains Nigerian Medical Experts for Patronizing British Hospitals

    $16 million was spent in upgrading State House Clinic, yet Buhari went abroad for ordinary ear infection. Nigeria Medical Association says about $1 billion is spent yearly by Nigerian elites on medical trips oversea

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    Fulani Herdsmen, Boko Haram and Niger Delta Militants

    Fulani Herdsmen, bigger threat to Nigeria internal security than Boko Haram & Niger Delta Militant

    In recent time, Fulani herdsmen attacks resulted in more deaths than Niger Delta militancy and Boko Haram attacks combined

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    Nigeria Porous Borders

    Nigeria Porous Border, Porous Constitution and Ruined Secularism, Military Faulty

    Nigeria has porous borders from all sides, our porous constitution is giving corrupt politicians upper hands and religiosity with ethnicity has destroyed our oneness

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    Fulani Herdsmen With Illegal Arms

    How Fulani Herdsmen are Smuggling Arms into Nigeria

    Fulani Herdsmen are no more using sticks for cattle grazing but sophisticated weapons. How are they getting these weapons into Nigeria and moving them across the length of Nigeria?

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    history of nigerian national anthem

    History of The Nigerian National Anthem and Pledge

    Get full history of Nigerian National Anthem and Pledge. Both old & new anthem. Those who wrote the anthem & rendered it into music

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